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Westchester Aviation Association is a not-for-profit organization which promotes aviation education and understanding on the part of government authorities and the public.Its members include a growing number of individuals and businesses who value the presence of good air transportation facilities in Westchester County.

FAA issues Martha's Vineyard, MA Flight Advisory for August 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in support of the United States Secret
Service, will be issuing a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for Martha?s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The TFR is expected to be in effect from August 9, 2014 until August 24, 2014. Any supporting TFRs will be published in future NOTAM(s).

The times for this TFR have not yet been determined. Check NOTAMs for latest information.

A TFR is planned for Martha?s Vineyard from August 9th until August 24th. The actual times for activation of the TFR have not been determined so the FAA recommends that all aircraft operators check NOTAMs prior to operations within this region and check frequently for possible changes and updates to the published TFR. The restrictions are designed to provide a safe and secure environment, but also ensure fair and equitable access to all airspace users, to the greatest extent possible. The restrictions will allow commercial flight operations to continue and are designed to minimize the impact on private pilots. The TFR will be centered at 412335N/0703652W or the MVY VOR/DME, from the surface up to but not including 18,000 MSL and will consist of a 30NM outer ring and a 10NM inner core.

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