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Welcome to Westchester Aviation Association (WAA)

Westchester Aviation Association is a not-for-profit organization which promotes aviation education and understanding on the part of government authorities and the public. Its members include a growing number of individuals and businesses who value the presence of good air transportation facilities in Westchester County.

WAA Breakfast & Learn

Please join us for the first “Breakfast and Learn” event sponsored by the WAA.  Pete Scherrer (Westchester Airport Manager) will be presenting a program on how the airport works from a financial perspective:

  • How is the airport funded? 
  • How are projects decided upon and paid for?  
  • Where does the PFS charge on my airport ticket go? 
  • What is planned for the future? 
Come learn how your home airport works. Great opportunity to network.

When:  Thursday April 2nd from 07:30 to 9AM

Where:  JPMC hangar  (E-1)

Who:  Pete Scherrer (Westchester County Airport Manager)

How much:  Free if a WAA member,  If not a member,  $5 or join WAA 

Trend in Aviation for 2015

By Rocco Cipriano

Although many a prediction has been credited to Nostradamus, the 16th. century French seer, it is extremely doubtful even he would have seen some of changes coming to aviation this year. From 3rd. class medical reform to NextGEN information systems, electric aircraft to drone regulations, indeed 2015 could be a real game changer for aviation in many ways.

Drone DOs and DON’T’s

If you’re a drone enthusiast, 2015 is the year the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is supposed to issue its drone policy for U.S. airspace. The FAA, which has approved several test sites to study commercial drone usage in the National Airspace System, has been preparing to draft a policy for some time now. The drones in these studies are mostly larger aircraft and require certified pilots to operate them.

What the FAA was not at all prepared for, unfortunately, has been the dramatic increase in small quad-copters being flown in densely populated urban areas and in congested airspace. (Note: More than a million small drone aircraft have been sold to date worldwide.)

In attempt to reign in the smaller drones, the FAA issued fines to several quad-copter operators in 2014. Most of the fines were for reckless operation like flying above 400 feet AGL. However, some courts have struck down the fines because the FAA does not yet have a comprehensive drone policy written into law.

Recently, a drone operator’s FAA fine, which was struck down by a local court, was reinstated in favor of the FAA by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). The NTSB rejected the drone operator’s assertion that his drone was no different than a model aircraft. The board refuted the assertion stating: “an aircraft is any device used for flight in the air.”

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New Direction for the WAA

At the annual meeting on February 12th, incoming President Milt Hobbs shared some exciting news about ways that the WAA will become a more effective organization for the aviation community at the Westchester County Airport.  Two significant charters for the WAA since inception were to “create a positive awareness within the aviation community and to work with government agencies for the betterment of the airport”.   While the WAA has always been a valuable resource, time constraints for this all volunteer organization have prevented it from having a larger impact and effective voice for all things aviation.  With the many challenges ahead including airport master plans, runway 11-29 issues, noise, hangar space, room for general aviation,  and environmental concerns among others, the Board of Directors felt that having more help was a critical component of a strategy to bring more value to our members.  The Board has been researching options that include creating a new paid part time Executive Director position. After several months of coordination and learning from sister organizations around the country, a proposal was formulated and was presented for a vote at the regular Board meeting on February 17th.


The WAA is pleased to announce that the Board has approved this new direction and is now moving to implement the Executive Director position for the WAA.  The next phase is now underway to identify the right person to fill this position.  Our aggressive goal is to have the new Executive Director active and underway by May 1.    We are excited that this new direction will specifically help advocate for all areas of aviation at Westchester County Airport including general aviation, aviation businesses, tenants, and users.    Please see the job description listed on the website for more information on what we expect from our new Executive Director.


Stay tuned for more updates on our project.   As always, we encourage any comments or suggestions.

Upcoming events

02 Apr 2015 7:30 AM • J.P. Morgan Hangar (E-1)
13 Apr 2015 7:00 PM • Doral Arrowwood, 975 Anderson Hill Rd, Rye Brook Village, NY 10573
30 May 2015 8:30 AM • Landmark West at HPN

Future FAASTeam Events

FAASTeam Safety Seminars    

    April 13, 7:00 - 9PM


    May 6,  7:00 - 9PM

Both sessions will be held at 

Doral Arrowwood

975 Anderson Hill Road

Rye Brook, NY  10573

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Joining the Westchester Aviation Association the best way to stay informed of issues that affect General Aviation at Westchester County Airport and to ensure that your voice  is heard.


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